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Tutorial O

Enterprise Ground Services – Tenant/Tenant Prime Design


$50 USD each


Thursday – February 24, 2022


11:00 AM – 1:30 PM PT


The Issue: The ground satellite Command and Control (C2) enterprise, Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) needed a scalable vehicle to assess and transition capabilities, integrate Mission Unique Software, reduce Program of Record Risk, all while broadcasting enterprise accomplishments.

The Solution – Purpose, Mission and Vision: The ideologies that Canopy embodies are resiliency through choice, thoughtful change, reduction of program risk, path(s) to production, and informed ‘Day 2’ support.

Founded on the these criteria, Canopy emerged as the SCC/ECXG collaboration center, existing to transform satellite operations by providing an innovation ecosystem to assess and transition technology to operational utility for the space enterprise through four focus areas: The Services Integration Lab as a Service (SILaaS), The Schoolhouse, Collaboration, and Outreach. In addition, the complimentary EGS Tenant-Tenant Prime EGS architecture environment enables enterprise horizontal integration across mission capability areas critical to multi-mission area, near real time tasking, from Operations (Ops), C2 to Tactical C2. This transforms stove-piped ops to coordinated effects and Fight as an Enterprise in ops relevant timelines. The intent of this is to provide Computer Network Storage Infrastructure/Platform inherent capability of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) combined with the multi-tenant/tenant prime architecture that enables multiple mission partners at various classification levels to on-board and scale without physical design changes.

Tentative Course Outline

  • Enterprise Ground Services -Tenant/Tenant Prime Design
    • Enterprise advantages of a shared responsibility model
    • Enterprise -Tenant/Tenant Prime design pattern
  • Enterprise Ground Services
    • Tactical
    • Federated
    • Enterprise
  • Canopy
    • Purpose
    • Mission
    • Vision
  • Tenant/Tenant Prime
    • Enterprise Value Proposition
    • T/T’ Architecture
    • Benefits of T/T’ Construct
Instructor Lt. Col. Cliff Seratti, Space Systems Command


Lt. Col. Cliff Seratti is the Deputy Program Manager for Enterprise Ground Services (EGS).  In this role and as the EGS Services Integration chief, he leads the team responsible for guiding external partners as they integrate their missions with EGS Tactical Command and Control services.  This includes support to mission partners’ initial technical integration discussions, followed by acquisition, development, integration, and test support.

Description of Intended Students and Prerequisites

General understanding of ground systems, EGS service construct and shared responsibility models.

What can Attendees Expect to Learn

Enterprise advantages of a shared responsibility model and the Enterprise – Tenant/Tenant Prime design pattern.