Keynotes and Panel Discussion

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Recordings of approved keynote sessions available now!
Col. Wallace “Rhet” Turnbull III

Cross Mission Ground and Communications Enterprise
Space and Missile Systems Center
Dr. Thomas Reiter

Senior Advisor of the ESA Director General
Former Director of ESOC
LtGen Larry  James (USAF Ret.)

Deputy Director
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Panel Discussion

Recording of the panel discussion session now available!

Panel Moderator

Marilee Wheaton
Systems Engineering Fellow
Systems Engineering Division
The Aerospace Corporation


John Guiney
Vice President
Fleet Management Segment
OneWeb, Ltd
Col. Jennifer Krolikowski
Senior Materiel Leader
Space C2
U.S. Air Force
Rob Manning
JPL Chief Engineer, Engineering Fellow
Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA/Caltech
Richard (Greg) Marlow
Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Dr. Mario Merri
Head of Mission Operations
Data Systems Division
European Space Agency

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