Plenary Sessions

GSAW 2024 Plenary Sessions

Tuesday, February 27

9:15 AM PT New Paradigms for the Enterprise
Observations on Leveraging “New Space” by Traditional Space Users
Donald Sather, The Aerospace Corporation
Innovations and Technological Advances in Support of Cost-sustainability of NOAA’s Future Ground/Flight System Architectures
Raad Saleh, Heather Kilcoyne, Edward Grigsby, and Richard G. Marlow, NOAA
Large Earth Observation New Space Ecosystem Ground Segment
Amaya Atencia and Luis Gonzalez Casillas, GMV Space Systems
 10:30 AM PT Ground as a Service
Towards Ground Segment as a Service (GSaaS)
Michel Horny, Arnaud Carlier, and Fabienne Jacq, EUMETSAT
Exploring Ground Segment as a Service (GSaaS) as a Commercial Alternative to Traditional Distributed Architectures
Lydia Adair, John Heskett, and Austin Cooner, KSAT Inc.
Monitoring Satellite Health & Safety of GEO Satellite with a Machine Learning Application
Zhenping Li, ASRC Federal
Parallel Sessions – Track 1
1:15 PM PT Scalable Solutions
Large Scale Flight Dynamics ‐ Navigating Complex Scenarios with Simple Patterns
Scott Lowe and Sara Fields, a.i. solutions, Inc.
EUMETSAT Machine Learning Framework – System and AI/ML Applications
Michel Horny and Gianni Casonato, EUMETSAT
NISAR: Lessons Learned in Responding to Increasingly Complex Earth Science Missions
Scott Lewicki, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
2:30 PM PT Cyber Considerations
Ground and Space Development, Security, and Operations for Reconfigurable Edge Platforms
Shariar Alamgir, Dhruv Bohra, and Elisabeth Nguyen, The Aerospace Corporation
The State of CryptoLib – The Open-Source Satellite Cryptography Library
D. Cody Cutright, Robert Brown, John Lucas, Justin Morris, and Scott Zemerick, TMC Technologies, NASA IV&V
◊ Details for this presentation coming soon
3:45 PM PT Communication Solutions
3GPP/5G Lunar Surface Communication
Christie Best, The Aerospace Corporation
A Technical Overview of the Mission Engagement Onboarding Process Managed by the Mission Engagement Working Group (MEWG)
Devin Bitner, NASA and Kaushik Shah, The Aerospace Corporation
Security Risks Real and Imagined with Using Commercial Antenna Systems on Critical Space Programs
Gerry Simon and John Ward, Parsons
Parallel Sessions – Track 2
1:15 PM PT Agile/ DevSecOps
Reinventing space operations through cloud-based solutions
Jörg Bullmann, Edoardo Cocci, Mark Doyle, and Fabien Milcent, Telespazio Germany – Commercial Space Division
EGOS-MG A DevSecOps approach to Multi-Mission operations
David Manuel Calado Alas, GMV GmnH and Rui Santos, ESA
Return Link Service Test Bed demonstrator platform and web applications for new SAR Galileo Services
Cristobal Cuevas Garcia and Mathilde Foulon, CNES
2:30 PM PT Intelligent Systems
Comparative Evaluation of Anomaly Detection Solutions on Satellite Telemetry
Andrew Robbertz, Paul Hudgins, Ryan Beczkiewicz, and Kinsley Rowan, General Dynamics Mission Systems
Look Houston. . .No Hands!
Zach Case and Ryan Beus, Space Dynamics Laboratory
Next-Gen Space Safeguards: ML-Based Protocol Anomaly Detection for Securing Space-to-Ground Data Links
Shannon Bull, William Stanton, Theresa Beech, NASA GSFC; Scott Zemerick, Faith Hough, Kevin Bruce, TMC Technologies; and Paul Swenson, Vantage Systems Inc.
3:45 PM PT Digital and Data Technologies
An Agile, MBSE Approach to Data Definition
Sean Stroud, Sandia National Laboratories
Utilizing CSRM for NASA Mission Ground Segment (GS) Design
Tiffany Navas, MTI Systems
Monitoring Satellite Pattern-of-Life Changes with Passive Radio Frequency Data
Scott Criley and Harris Mohamed, Kratos Space

Wednesday, February 28

9:15 AM PT Partnerships and Collaboration
Tactical Surveillance, Reconnaissance & Tracking  (TacSRT) Snapshot
Maj. Montana Collie, Space Systems Command
Hiding in Plain Sight – Achieving Secure and Resilient Space to Ground Communications
Gregg Walsh, Two Six Technologies
Optimizing Ground Systems: An Operator’s Perspective
Daniel Akrong, The Aerospace Corporation
10:30 AM PT Data-Centric Architectures
Evolving Telemetry Storage with Search and Time-Series
Robert Puncel, Matt Triviski, Peter Di Pasquale, and Guy Pyrzak, Jet Propulsion Lab, California Institute of Technology
◊ Details for this presentation coming soon
Interoperability Without Standards
Ryan Melton and Jason Thomas, OpenC3, Inc.