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GSAW 2019 Working Groups

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Session 11A: The Making of “Smarter Ground Systems” – Brainstorming

Lead: Donald Sather, The Aerospace Corporation

Description to be posted soon.

Session 11B: Intelligent Systems / Machine Learning for Space Ground Systems

Leads: Thomas Kashangaki and Daniel Balderston, The Aerospace Corporation

Description to be posted soon.

Session 11C: Creating Smarter Ground Systems through Cybersecurity Prototyping, Testing and
on-orbit Experiments

Leads: Charles Allen and Scott Niebuhr, The Aerospace Corporation

Description to be posted soon.

Session 11D: Achieving a Smarter Ground Enterprise Through Model-Based Engineering

Leads: Ryan Noguchi and Robert Pettit IV, The Aerospace Corporation

In this Working Group Session, we hope to foster a mutually beneficial discussion of the community’s lessons learned and best practices in Model-Based Engineering (MBE). As in previous years, we plan to facilitate an open discussion of the issues and concerns of MBE to encourage broad participation from the assembled participants. We plan to open the session with a very brief presentation that sets the stage, but we have found that the discussion evolves on its own accord, leads the group in directions we can’t predict in advance, and results in the beneficial emergence of insightful conclusions and the identification of key challenges and opportunities that face the community.

In keeping with this year’s GSAW theme, we would like to focus the working group’s discussions on how MBE can help enterprises to re-architect and re-engineer themselves to become smarter, more efficient, and more effective. We would like to share lessons learned from model-based engineering efforts, to understand how these modern methods and tools are able to improve organizations’ ability to achieve agility, enable greater proactivity, and capitalize on advances being made in machine learning, intelligent systems, automation, and innovative accelerated development processes.

Session 11E: Cloud Computing and Big Data Technologies for Ground Systems IX

Leads: Ramesh Rangachar and Craig Lee, The Aerospace Corporation

This is the ninth year of this working group. The main objective of the working group is tocontinue discussion on the adoption of cloud computing and Big Data in satellite groundsystems. The Cloud Reference Model and Roadmap produced by Aerospace will be usedto frame the discussion. The working group will focus on:

  • State of the art in cloud computing and Big Data;
  • Cloud and Big Data reference models;
  • Cloud-based ground systems;
  • Cloud and Big Data technologies;
  • Cloud security, standards, and compliance;
  • Acquisition strategies for cloud-based systems;
  • Cloud computing economics; and
  • Cloud performance management.

This working group will consist of two parts. Part 1 will include presentations, case studies, and demonstrations related to cloud computing and Big Data for ground systems. Part 2 will be a town hall meeting on cloud computing and Big Data for ground systems. This will include a moderated discussion on the focus issues mentioned above, with expert opinions from panelists.

Presenters, panelists, and participants will include ground systems providers, integrators, and operators, cloud solutions providers, and others interested in ground systems and cloud computing.

Session 11F: Smarter Acquisition with Agile Approaches

Leads: Supannika Mobasser and Jodene Sasine, The Aerospace Corporation

Agile software and system development is no longer a new topic for the Government sector. Several programs have gradually started to embrace agile methods. Ground software systems usually have large scale and high complexity, hence, there is a big challenge to use agile as it is used in commercial software-intensive industry. Additional challenge is how to smartly apply agile, not only to the software system development, but to the whole ground system acquisition life-cycle. What should we do differently so that we can have smarter acquisition strategies?

This working group will provide an opportunity for agile practitioners to share their experiences and learn from others on several topics regarding challenges in agile acquisition on the following topics:

  • Smarter checkpoints and feasibility evidence
  • Smarter roles and responsibilities
  • Smarter tools and techniques
  • Smarter quality assurance
  • Smarter practices and antipatterns

The format of the working group will be a combination of presentations, case studies, and interactive discussion focusing on different aspects of agile adoption on ground software system development.