Tutorial G

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Tutorial G

EGS On-Boarding


$60 USD each


Thursday – February 23, 2023


8:00 AM – 10:30 AM PT


EGS has developed an onboarding package that has been through multiple rounds of review culminating in a collection of documents, templates, and criteria to further mission partner knowledge of transitioning to EGS. These artifacts provide guidance and instruction on accessing EGS repositories, high-level outlook of the program, and outlines for tailoring memorandums and service level agreements with external partners. EGS has also defined levels of compliance for the physical layer, space-to-ground communications layer, platform/host layer, application layer, and enterprise support layer to include threshold and objective requirements to achieve a minimum level of EGS-compliance. In support of these compliance criteria, established messaging standards in the form of Interface Specification Documents (ISDs) are also available that identify the messages available for use to communicate between services via the Enterprise Message Bus.

Course Outline

  1. What is EGS
  2. Architecture Views / MBSE (potential opportunity to collaborate using Cameo)
    1. OV-1
    2. Tenant-Tenant Prime Architecture
    3. Antenna as a Service
  3. Cyber secure infrastructure
  4. Service Based/Service Catalog
    1. Platform Services
    2. Energizer Deployment Service
  5. EGS compatible list
  6. Compliance Layers
    1. Physical Layer
    2. Space to Ground
    3. Platform Host Layer
    4. Application Layer
    5. Support Layer (e.g. Service center help desk)
  7. SW Assurance Requirements
  8. Message Bus/Messaging Standards/ISD Roadmap
    1. EBIG
  9. Canopy/SIL for MP integration testing
  10. Roadmap
  11. Contract Language and templates (MOU/MOA/SLA)
Instructor Lt Col Nathan Terrazone, United States Space Force


Lt Col Nathan Terrazone has 14 years of experience in space acquisition. This includes being a PM for the Upgraded Early Warning Radar (UEWR) program where he oversaw the upgrade of the Thule, COBRA DANE and Fylingdales phased array radars. He then served as the ground segment and ops lead for the Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness program (GSSAP). During this time, he led operational support for the first 4 vehicle launches in program history. He then served a 4-year Pentagon tour. During which he was in SAF/AQS as the space situational awareness PEM for a year, the executive officer for Maj Gen Nina Armagno (SAF/AQS Director) and worked in SAF/LL as the DAF Correspondence Branch Chief. Finally, he has been on the EGS program for over serving as DevSecOps and Mission Integration Branch chiefs.

Description of Intended Students and Prerequisites

Mission Partners and interested parties that would like planning insight for on-boarding to EGS.

What can Attendees Expect to Learn

Overview of EGS and how to prepare and what to expect for/in on-boarding.