Tutorial G

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Tutorial G

Consideration in Planning to Use Commercial Ground Networks


$100 USD each or $250 USD for All-Access Pass (includes all Tutorials and Working Groups)


Wednesday – March 3, 2021


9:00 A.M. – 10:50 A.M. (PT)


  • Customer Onboarding Process
  • Data Plane Architecture and connectivity and supported standards
  • Control Plane Architecture, connectivity and capability
  • Network Architecture capabilities
  • Security Applications (Type 1 Architecture Support)
  • Additional topics: Digital-IF, Use of Public Clouds for processing
Instructor John Heskett,  Kongsberg Satellite Services


John Heskett serves as the Chief Technology Officer for KSAT. John has 20 years’ experience developing algorithms and system solutions for Space to Ground communications links and satellite ground stations. John specializes in Modem and DSP design but also has experience with ground processing and data transport solutions for both TT&C and Mission Data links.

Description of Intended Students and Prerequisites

No prerequisites required. Simply a desire to understand how commercial GSaaS works (control and data planes) and how it is used to support missions.

What can Attendees Expect to Learn

How to integrate their Mission Operations Center to a Commercial GSaaS network.