Keynotes and Panel Discussion

GSAW 2022 Keynotes

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Monday, February 28

Dr. Mark Brady
Chief Data Officer
United States Space Force
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Tuesday, March 1

Kathryn Lueders

Associate Administrator
Space Operations Mission Directorate
NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
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Wednesday, March 2

Jeffrey Manber

International and Space Stations
Voyager Space
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Thursday, March 3 – Classified Session

David Adams
Principal Advisor for Enterprise Protection
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

GSAW 2022 Lunchtime Speaker


Tuesday, March 1

Topic: “Experience with Virgin Galactic and Thoughts on the Future of the Space Community”
(Recording Unavailable)
Sirisha Bandla

Vice President of Government Affairs and Research Operations
Virgin Galactic

GSAW 2022 Panelists

Panel Discussion – Wednesday, March 2

Panel Moderator

Marilee Wheaton
Systems Engineering Fellow
Systems Engineering Division
The Aerospace Corporation


Roberta Ewart, DE
Chief Scientist
Space Systems Command  (SSC)
Vanessa Griffin
Office of Systems Architecture & Advanced Planning
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Dr. Abraham Leigh
USSF Senior Technical Advisor
Adam Loverro
Principal Program Manager
Mauro Pecchioli
Head of the Multi-Mission Infrastructure Programme
European Space Operations Centre
European Space Agency
Dr. Neil Siegel
IBM Professor of Engineering Management and Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Computer Science Practice
Daniel J Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Southern California