Technical Demos

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GSAW 2022 | Technical Demos

Please watch these pre-recorded demos at your own pace. We encourage questions and comments on the video site.

E O data reception: reporting as you’ve never seen it!

Amphinicy Technologies Video

COSMOS 5 – Architecture and Demonstration

Ball Aerospace ♦ Video

Data Protection in the Quantum Era

Comforte ♦ Video

There and back again: ground software for large constellations of small satellites

GMV ♦ Video

High Assurance Mission Operations Gateway (HAMOG) Braxton Integration Demo

Innoflight ♦ Video

Managing Cloud and Edge Assets

Kratos Space ♦ Video

Constellations Monitoring with CASTeC

S.A.T.E. s.r.l. ♦ Video


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