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Working Group A

Driving Innovation to Form An Enterprise




Considerations for innovation in a stand-alone or vertically integrated “stovepipe” system can be much different than innovation an existing enterprise or innovation to drive a collection of stovepipes towards becoming an enterprise. This should come as no surprise because the considerations driving organizations toward a horizontally integrated enterprise (potential economies of scale, data & resource sharing, improved situational awareness, etc.) are not usually innovation considerations individual stovepiped are interested in because they are, to a large degree, vertically integrated. For standalone stovepipe systems, architecture and design implementation decisions are solely governed by imagination, mission needs and budgetary constraints of the given mission. On the other hand, organizations that are forming an enterprise or integrating into an existing one must balance mission optimization with enterprise requirements which will constrain some the innovation design space. This leads to a few questions:

  • What areas are being innovated in to help form or foster an enterprise? Where is the commercial world going?
  • What types of organizational, governance, process and/or funding changes need to be in place to form and sustain a successful enterprise?
  • At what level should standardization occur to allow some freedom to achieve mission design optimization and still achieve enterprise goals? Is there an area of maximal return?

This workshop will have several panelists representing both commercial and government groups that either have or are migrating toward an enterprise. They will also present challenges in sustaining or migrating toward an enterprise. The workshop participants will then have the opportunity to ask questions and apply their collective experience to the issues cited.

Lead Donald Sather, The Aerospace Corporation


Donald Sather has over 35 years of experience
working with the United States space community at The Aerospace Corporation. The first 8 years of his career consisted of designing, integrating and testing radiation-hardened embedded processing components and systems for several different spacecraft programs. For the last 27 years, he has been designing, integrating, testing and upgrading individual ground systems as well as entire ground facilities to support various satellite and booster programs – he currently supports the Air Force’s Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) effort as well as many other programs. He has served as the Chief Engineer of the AFSCN and the Launch Ranges. He also has experience as a satellite operator and managed a telemetry processing center. His current position is Principal Scientist/Engineer in the Information Systems & Cyber Division of The Aerospace Corporation.


Working Group A Outbrief
Donald Sather, The Aerospace Corporation
Innovation, Enterprise or both?
Mauro Pecchioli,  ESA/ESOC
Innovation / Change IN Need > 1
Gerry Simon, Parsons