GSAW 2024 Posters

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Applications of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Ground Stations​
Sean Colbath and Brian Ulicny, Raytheon BBN

Aspects of Safe Drone Operations for Wildfire Response​
Robert Kerczewski, Charles Sheehe, Robert Schoenberger, Tiffany Lam, Jonathan D. Dovala, Goran Scuric, and William Ivancic, The Aerospace Corporation

Future of NOAA GEO Ground Station: A Multi-Mission Enterprise Solution in the Cloud​
Lili Alvarado-Ortiz, Pouyan Amirshahi, and Steven Grippando, NOAA

Leaping into New Space using Standards, The OMG Space Domain Task Force​
Eric Ogren, Justin Boss, and Mike Anderson, Kratos Defense;
Kevin Rice, NASA;
David Overeem, Boeing; and
Steven Maclaird, OMG Space Domain Task Force

Next-Gen Space Safeguards: ML-Based Protocol Anomaly Detection for Securing Space-to-Ground Data Links​
Shannon Bull, William Stanton, Scott Zemerick, Faith Hough, Kevin Bruce, Paul Swenson, and Theresa Beech, NASA GSFC

Research Areas in Ground Systems at USC’s Center for Research in Space Technologies (CREST)
Andrea Belz, USC Viterbi and Alefiya Hussain, ISI

Reshaping Space Operations with AI: AIKO’s gifted_GENE and Partner Program
Alessandro Benetton, Luca Manca, Gianluca Campagna,  Francesco Caronte, and Paolo Gennaro Madonia, AIKO S.r.l​