Classified Session Information

Aerospace El Segundo Campus (AGO)
Clearance Passing Instructions

IMPORTANT: The GSAW 2024 Classified Session will be hosted at The Aerospace Corporation in the A8 Auditorium on Thursday, February 29, 2024. All attendees MUST possess a TS/SCI clearance and be a US Citizen. The Aerospace Corporation MUST receive your clearance certification NO LATER THAN Tuesday, February 20, 2024 for you to be able to attend the 2024 GSAW Classified Session.

Required information:
Visitor Information: Full Name (no nicknames or aliases), SSN, Date of Birth, Place of Birth

Clearance Level (e.g., Secret, TS), Accesses (e.g., SI/TK/etc.)

Your Technical Point of Contact:

Date of Visit: February 29, 2024

Purpose of Visit: 2024 Ground System Architectures Workshop (GSAW)

Passing Visit Certifications:
All clearances should be passed by a recognized security person and by whichever format your security office prefers. Aerospace El Segundo DOES NOT honor badge reciprocity for IC Government Blue Badge holders. All other cleared visitors will need to send a visit request using the below information. Please allow 5 days for processing. Clearances can be passed by the following methods:

For A8 Conference access (SCI), visitor security POCs can submit VARs in DISS to SMO code 12782 (use the actual Tech POC and include name of meeting that individual(s) will be attending). If SI/TK tickets do not show in DISS or the customer does not use DISS, please have security reps submit visit requests in one of the following ways:

  1. Visitor Request Module (formerly Gateway): (Location: Aerospace A5, A6, & A8-LA)
  2. GWAN:
  3. CWAN:
  4. (U) Fax:  310-563-7935

If visits are being submitted via DISS, please have security POCs set access level as: SCI. In the Visit Notes, please notate the conference name.

Medical Portable Electronic Devices (MPEDs):
For any MPED approvals, please email (Please expect 24-48 hours for response)

Special Programs Security Point of Contact:
Special Programs Security
The Aerospace Corporation
A5 Group Line: 424-405-2255

For questions regarding visits, please send an email to  A5 PerSec team will respond to these requests within 72 hours.