Classified Session Information

Aerospace El Segundo Campus (AGO)
Clearance Passing Instructions

IMPORTANT: The GSAW 2023 Classified Session will be hosted at The Aerospace Corporation in the A8 Auditorium on Thursday, March 2, 2023. All attendees MUST possess a TS/SCI clearance and be a US Citizen. The Aerospace Corporation MUST receive your clearance certification NO LATER THAN Wednesday, February 22, 2023 for you to be able to attend the 2023 GSAW Classified Session.

Required information:
Visitor Information: Full Name (no nicknames or aliases), SSN, Date of Birth, Place of Birth

Clearance Level (e.g., Secret, TS), Accesses (e.g., SI/TK/etc.)

Your Technical Point of Contact:

Date of Visit:  March 2, 2023

Purpose of Visit: 2023 Ground System Architectures Workshop (GSAW)

Passing Visit Certifications:
All clearances should be passed by a recognized security person and by whichever format your security office prefers. Aerospace honors badge reciprocity for IC Government Blue Badge holders only. All other cleared visitors will need to send a visit request using the below information. Please allow 5 days for processing. Clearances can be passed by the following methods

For A8 Conference access (SCI), visitor security POCs can submit VARs in DISS to SMO code 12782. If SI/TK tickets do not show in DISS or the customer does not use DISS, please have security reps submit visit requests in one of the following ways:

  1. Gateway: (Location: LA-A5)
  2. CWAN: [email protected]
  3. NMIS: [email protected]

If visits are being submitted via DISS, please have security POCs set access level as: SCI. In the Visit Notes, please notate the conference name.

Special Programs Security Point of Contact:
Special Programs Security
The Aerospace Corporation
A5 Group Line: 424-405-2255
A5 Group Email: [email protected]