Evening Session Lead Guidelines

Evening Sessions will be held March 4, 2020

Evening Session Lead Guidelines - PDF Format
Permission to Reprint Form - PDF Format

Evening Session Lead,

Thank you for considering to lead an Evening Session at GSAW on March 4, 2020. This guide describes your responsibilities as Lead. It will help you in submitting a proposal and planning your session, and is intended to maximize the benefit of your session to GSAW as a whole. Please review this information and contact gsaw@aero.org or 310-336-0454 if you have any questions.

Note: If your evening session has multiple leaders, only two leaders will be listed in the GSAW program.


You may follow any format you wish as long as it fits within the allotted schedule. You may permit presentation of charts by attendees, a panel discussion, free-form discussion, or a combination. In the past, surveys given to attendees have shown that a discussion forum is preferred over a format full of presentations. A healthy exchange of opposing viewpoints is encouraged and provides the most productive results. In any case, chairs are asked to control the session and keep it moving.


After acceptance of your evening session, please submit one to four landscape PowerPoint slides containing a description of your session along with any graphics you desire. We will create a poster from them to display at GSAW. We also need a short description for inclusion on the website.


We will provide:

  • Two notebook computers with Windows, Office 2013 or 2016, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a USB port. Each computer will have a full set of WG presentations. The second notebook computer can act as a backup and can be used for notetaking during the session.
  • Network connectivity is NOT being provided. If you require WiFi, you must make arrangements with the hotel
  • Computer projector
  • Easel and blank flipchart pad with markers
  • Microphones and speakers will be provided for larger rooms, if necessary
  • Attendee sign-in sheet
  • Surveys
  • Speaker Release Forms

If you plan on bringing your own equipment (e.g., notebook, projector, or drive) for your presentation, please notify us in advance so that we can identify potential problems.

Clearance Information:

Ensure there is NO classified information in your abstract or presentations. GSAW is an international event and foreign nationals will be in attendance. Presentation slides will also be posted on the public GSAW website. If your organization has concerns about security or proprietary information, check to see if your briefing charts need to be cleared for publication. (All employees of Aerospace are required to have abstracts and presentations cleared.) You should begin the clearance process as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss any deadlines and that our committee has the ability to review your submission. GSAW is not responsible for verifying the classification level of your presentation.

Contributor Point of Contact:

You are the GSAW point of contact for the speakers in your session. Please introduce yourself by contacting each of them by phone and/or email.

Collect Presentations, Release Forms, and Surveys:

Leads are asked to collect any presentation charts from session participants and forward them to gsaw@aero.org by Feb. 3, 2020. Leads are also asked to ensure that presenters complete and sign the Speaker Release and Consent Form. Copies of the form will be available at GSAW, on the website, and also, sent to you via email. This form allows us to include presentation slides, if any, and evening session results on the GSAW website. Although we do expect to receive presentations and release forms after the deadline, it does cause logistical difficulties for the GSAW organizers and is discouraged. If you do receive any late presentations, please get them to a Program Committee member as quickly as possible. Lastly, we ask that you actively encourage attendees to complete the survey and sign-in sheet which will be provided at your session. A GSAW representative will be in the room and will collect them at the end of your session.

Presenter Guidelines:

You must ensure that each presenter in your session understands the general presentation guidelines as well as any specific requirements you require in your evening session. A copy of the presentation guidelines will be sent to you. You may forward this to your session’s presenters along with any additional information, such as:

  • Description of the format of your evening session
  • Amount of time they will have to speak
  • Description of the theme of the session (i.e., help them tailor their presentations to best fit your session)
  • Any other information to help facilitate your session


The evening sessions will be held at the same hotel location as the other GSAW sessions. A refreshment snack will be provided for your session. During the session, there will be a short break at 6:30 p.m.


Registration opens Dec. 2, 2019 and can be completed online here. If you have not already registered, please do so. You should also ensure that each participant in your session registers for GSAW via the website and that they have made the necessary hotel reservations.

Hotel Reservations:

The Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel (1-310-337-2800 or 1‑800‑HOTELS-1) will only hold rooms at the prevailing federal per diem rate on a first-come, first-served basis until Feb. 14, 2020. After that, reservations will be accommodated on a “space available” basis. Remember to inform the hotel you are there for “GSAW”. Remind your presenters that they should mention “GSAW” if they are staying at the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel so they can get the special rate. Hotel info can be found here.


There will be a GSAW check-in desk in the hotel. Please check in and obtain a badge. There are no special security or escort requirements for the unclassified general session.


The overview agenda will be posted here.


A few weeks after the workshop, your presentation slides will also be posted on the GSAW website (here).

Important Deadlines:

Please note the following deadlines for submissions. Please send them to gsaw@aero.org:

Proposal Deadline Oct. 21, 2019
Acceptance Notices Sent Nov. 22, 2019
Evening Session description paragraph posted on website Upon Acceptance
Registration Opens Dec. 2, 2019
Evening Session Poster content and charts due: Feb. 3, 2020

Proposal Submission:

Submit a proposal for an evening session related to a specific topic to gsaw@aero.org by Oct. 21, 2019. Make sure you understand the responsibilities listed above prior to submitting your proposal. The submission form is available here. We will review your submission and notify you of your acceptance or nonacceptance on Nov. 22, 2019.

We appreciate your interest in GSAW. With your participation, we look forward to a very successful workshop.

GSAW Program Committee