Presenter Guidelines

Presentations will be held March 3-5, 2020

Presenter Guidelines - PDF Format
Speaker Release & Consent Form - PDF Format

GSAW Presenter,

Thank you for considering presenting at GSAW. Please read the following guidelines very carefully. They will help you in assembling your abstract, producing charts, and successfully presenting them at the workshop. These guidelines apply to both plenary and working group sessions, except where noted.

Important Deadlines:

Please note the following deadlines for material submissions. Please send your material to [email protected]:

Abstracts must be received by: Oct. 21, 2019
Acceptance/Non-Acceptance Notices Sent Nov. 22, 2019
Registration Opens Dec. 2, 2019
Accepted Presentations and Release Forms Due: Feb. 3, 2020

Abstract Submission:

Obtain a submission form here. Fill it out completely and submit to [email protected] by the deadline. Slides are not required at this point. Your submission will be reviewed and we will notify you of your acceptance/non-acceptance on the date listed above.

Clearance Information:

For the open sessions, ensure there is NO classified information in your abstract or presentation. GSAW is an international event and foreign nationals will be in attendance. Presentation slides will also be posted on the public GSAW website. If your organization has concerns about security or proprietary information, check to see if your briefing charts need to be cleared for publication. (All employees of Aerospace are required to have abstracts and presentations cleared through the Office of Technical Relations.) You should begin the clearance process as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss any deadlines and that our committee can review your submission. GSAW is not responsible for verifying the classification level of your presentation. For the CLASSIFIED session, your session chair will contact you with details.

Best Presentation Award:

The best plenary presentation given at the open workshop will be presented with an award. We will attempt to notify the winner on the evening of March 4 and present the award on the morning of March 5 at the open session. Presenters serving on the GSAW Committees are not eligible for this award.

Time Allotted:

Speakers presenting in a plenary session are scheduled to speak for 15 minutes, with five additional minutes allowed for questions and answers from the audience. A timer will be used for all presentations. Your Session Chair is responsible for ensuring that your presentation and Q&A session end on time so they will interrupt your presentation if necessary. GSAW is tightly scheduled, so please stick to your time allocation. If your presentation is for a Working Group, your Working Group Lead will contact you with details.


Plenary and working group presentations will be hosted on a PC running Windows, Office 2013 or 2016, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a USB port. A computer projector will be provided. Plenary presenters will be provided with a lapel microphone and a remote for advancing the slides. Our microphones work best when the antenna unit is clipped to a belt and the microphone is attached near the center of your chest. You should consider this in choosing your presentation attire. If for some reason you must bring your own equipment (e.g., notebook, projector, drive) for your presentation in a Working Group, you must notify us in advance so that we can identify potential problems. We are NOT providing network capabilities such as WiFi. If you require WiFi, you are responsible for purchasing it from the hotel and ensuring that it works for the presentation.

Requested Format:

Charts produced by the PC version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016 or 365 are preferred. If you require some other application to display your charts, please contact us well in advance. In creating your slides, note that the presentation room is large and you should consider this in your selection of larger fonts, diagram size, etc. At a minimum, a 20-point font is recommended.

Although the GSAW organizers work very hard to ensure that all presentations are in working order on the computers, we would suggest that you bring media containing your presentation as a backup. Although discouraged, if you must bring an updated version of your presentation to GSAW, we can read USB flash memory and CD/DVDs. Bringing an updated presentation late will be at your own risk.

Speaker Release and Consent:

Presenters of accepted abstracts will receive a Speaker Release and Consent Form that must be signed and returned to us by Feb. 3, 2020. This form allows us to include your presentation in the proceedings.

In addition to signing the Speaker Release and Consent Form, the following copyright statement must be placed on the title page of every presentation that will be published in the proceedings:

© 2020 by <presenter’s organization>. Published by The Aerospace Corporation with permission.

If you are an employee of The Aerospace Corporation, use the following:

© 2020 The Aerospace Corporation

Presentation Submittal:

Prior to Feb. 3, 2020, email a copy of your briefing charts to your Session Chair and [email protected].

“Slide Driving”:

Plenary presenters will be given a remote for controlling their charts. If preferred, we can advance the charts for you but you are reminded that only you are familiar with the charts and you will have to cue the PC operator. Slides with animation are particularly troublesome when someone other than the presenter is advancing them. If you require us to advance your slides, please inform us with your submission and again prior to your session at GSAW.


Registration opens Dec. 2, 2019 and can be completed online here.

Hotel Reservations:

If you have not already made hotel reservations, please note that the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel (1-310-337-2800 or 1-800-HOTELS-1) will only hold rooms at the GSAW rate on a first-come, first-served basis until Feb. 14, 2020. After that, GSAW reservation rates will be accommodated on a “space available” basis. Remember to inform the hotel you are there for “GSAW”.  Hotel info can be found here.


There will be a GSAW check-in desk in the hotel. Please check in and obtain a badge. There are no special security or escort requirements for the unclassified general session.


The overview agenda will be posted here.


A few weeks after the workshop, your presentation slides will also be posted on the GSAW website (here).

Session Chair:

Your session chair will be contacting you to discuss the information above and to act as your liaison for GSAW. Please ensure that you understand the guidelines detailed here and address any questions you may have to your session chair or to [email protected].

We appreciate your interest in GSAW. With your participation, we look forward to a very successful workshop.

GSAW Program Committee

[email protected]