Working Group D

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Working Group D

Cloud Computing and Big Data Technologies for Ground Systems


This is the fourteenth year of this working group. The main objective of the working group is to continue discussion on the adoption of cloud computing and Big Data in satellite ground systems. The Cloud Reference Model and Roadmap produced by Aerospace will be used to frame the discussion. The working group will focus on:

  • State of the art in cloud computing and ground systems technologies;
  • Cloud reference models and roadmaps;
  • Cloud-based ground systems;
  • Cloud and Big Data technologies;
  • Cloud security, standards, and compliance;
  • Acquisition strategies for cloud-based systems;
  • Cloud computing economics; and
  • Cloud performance management.

This working group will consist of two parts. Part 1 will include presentations, case studies, and demonstrations related to cloud computing and Big Data for ground systems. Part 2 will be a town hall meeting on cloud computing and Big Data for ground systems. This will include a moderated discussion on the focus issues mentioned above, with expert opinions from panelists.

Presenters, panelists, and participants will include ground systems providers, integrators, and operators, cloud solutions providers, and others interested in ground systems and cloud computing.

Lead Ramesh Rangachar, The Aerospace Corporation


Ramesh Rangachar is a Senior Project Engineer in the Environmental Remote Sensing Directorate, Civil Space Programs Operations Division of the Aerospace Corporation. He is supporting NOAA/NESDIS, providing technical support as a Ground Systems Architect at the Office of Systems Architecture and Engineering (SAE). Prior to joining The Aerospace Corporation, Ramesh worked as Director of Technology at Creative Information Technology, Inc. (CITI) where he led efforts to keep CITI at the cutting edge of innovative solutions that include Open Source Platforms, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Identity Management. Ramesh has worked as Senior Manager at Intelsat, where he managed system development, integration, and operational support of satellite ground systems. Ramesh has also worked as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, University College and as a Guest Researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland.


Working Group Outbrief: Cloud Computing and Big Data Technologies for Ground Systems

Cloud Computing and Big Data Technologies for Ground Systems
Ramesh Rangachar, The Aerospace Corporation

Prototype USSF Enterprise Satellite Operations
Jannell Villegas and Ronak Patel, The Aerospace Corporation

Cloud Computing and Big Data Technologies for Ground Systems–GMV Perspective
Amaya Atencia, GMV

Command and Control in the Cloud
Ryan Melton and Jason Thomas, OpenC3, Inc.

NESDIS Ground Enterprise Evolution: Evaluating Utilization of Commercial Cloud Services for Satellite Mission Operations
Justin Gronert, NESDIS Office of Satellite Products and Operations (OSPO) and Ken Watts, NESDIS Office of Common Services (OCS)

Experience in Enabling Mission Operations in the Cloud
Scott Criley, Kratos Defense

Multi-mission IT Infrastructure: evolution and challenges
Michel Horny, EUMETSAT