GSAW 2023 On-Demand Plenaries


I. Refactoring the Approach to Legacy Application Modernization
Instructor: Arne Gerhard, Deloitte Consulting

II. Continuous evaluation of machine learning models deployed in Production
Instructor: Borislav Karaivanov, ASRC Federal

III. Legacy Application Modernization Presentation
Instructor: Arne Gerhard, Deloitte Consulting

IV. XGEO PNT Automated Scheduling (XPAS): an Update
Instructors: Dr. Amy O’Brien, Andre Doumitt, Thomas Heinsheimer, Rina Onishi, The Aerospace Corporation

V. Using Human-Machine Teaming to Accelerate Operational Trust in Mission Autonomy (OPTIMA) for OUSD(R&E)
Instructors: Dr. Christopher Tschan, Dr. Amy O’Brien, Dr. Michael Langford, The Aerospace Corporation 

VI.  UFL Verification Tool Evaluation for Hardware Trojan Detection
Instructors: Salam Zantout, Victor Ibe, Alyssa Phothisen, Evan Bryers, Clancy Mitchell, and Vikram Rao, The Aerospace Corporation